Sunshine Pools - Codes & Safety

Layers of Protection for Your Safety and Theirs

Understanding the Pool Safety Barrier Codes

Access to the pool must be isolated from the home and from the adjacent properties, thus two barriers. These two barriers of protection are your responsibility even after a hurricane.


You will choose from code compliant products such as Window and Door Alarms, Child Safety Fencing, Screen Enclsoure and traditional style property fencing.


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First layer begins with hiring Sunshine Pools, a State Licensed Swimming Pool Contractor who understands and implements all safety codes into the design and construction of your pool.


The second layer is your commitment to maintaining the integrity of these safety barriers.


The third layer is the barrier that you continue to reinforce using education. Start now by visiting this wonderful government website! Pool/Spa Safety & Drowning Prevention. Return here periodically for new updates, articles and links.


Never swim in a pool that is missing a - main drain cover, skimmer lid, skimmer weir flap or spring-loaded vacuum line cover. For more information, research the Virginia Graeme Baker Act.


Don't forget the sunscreen.