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Sunshine Pools & Patios uses years of tried and true construction materials and techniques to create the most maintenance free product for your enjoyment.


When it is necessary to contact a manufacturer, we demand superior service and expect the same to be extended to you, our client.


Equipment Manufacturers:

Use these links to reference materials and warranty information provided by the specific manufacturer of your product.

Protect Your Investment:

When in doubt, turn off the breaker in your electrical panel and contact Sunshine Pools for immediate assistance.


Never completely drain your pool. This should only be performed by a licensed swimming pool contractor. Florida's unique water table may cause the pool to lift out of the ground.


Use the maintenance tools that Sunshine Pools provided at your orientation. Just like your teeth, regular brushing will keep that new interior finish in great shape. Your test kit will help you avoid costly repairs. Bad water chemistry can be very unsanitary and will cause decay, erosion and mineral buildup.

Water Level Concerns:

Too much water in the pool?  Never!  Just make sure your chemicals are stable and thank Florida's free rainwater for reducing your water bill. Because it is a Sunshine Pool, we know that when it is completely full it acts like a parking lot and excess water will run-off into dedicated easements. It will not come into your home.


Hurricane Coming? Do not drain down the pool water. A full pool will collect less dirty water. Do not place furniture into the pool as it will wreak havoc on your chemical balance and damage the interior finish. Have liquid chlorine on hand for after the storm. After the storm, remove any vegetation, balance your chemicals, brush daily and enjoy your investment.


Proper pool water level will reach the middle of the waterline tile, approximately 4 inches down from the top of the coping, and must always cover the skimmer.

Water Circulation Issues:

Water circulation will be affected by a dirty filter, debris in the skimmer basket, the pump lid o-ring is not seated, lid is not sealed or debris in the basket. If correcting these items does not resolve the problem, contact Sunshine Pools for service.

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