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Schedule a meeting with Steven Marino, the President of Sunshine Pools, and you will never meet a "salesman." First, as a Florida Certified Pool Contractor, he is capable of recognizing if the site location will adequately meet codes and set-back requirements. Second, 33 years of hands-on experience in swimming pool construction assures that your custom designed swimming pool will function and perform to the highest standards. Finally, a honest professional who will guide you through the design process while protecting you and your budget.



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Explore the possibilities now, no regrets later.  Think out of the 15x30 box and even the simplest pool can say Wow!  Our construction expertise will bring your design to life.

The perfect swimming pool design will please your senses using colors, textures, sounds and temperature.

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  • Tile Choices
  • Interior Finishes
  • Decking
  • Equipment Options


Choose Tile

Links to some of our suppliers:

Waterline Tile - Waterline tile and grout colors transform, enhance and complete the intended overall appearance of the project. There are a tremendous variety of colors, patterns and materials available. It does not need to be limited to the waterline.


Cap Tile - This tile shape comes in many colors in styles and is used to accent underwater steps and seats. It may also be used as Coping.


Mosaic Tile - Use mosaic tiles to create scenes or accentuate architectural details. There are many styles and sizes to choose from.


Decorative Tile Inserts - Choose a decorative tile insert to break up a solid field tile or to create a pattern of your own.


Glass Block - Adding glass block to a spa or fountain wall will give you additional lighting.


Coping - What is Coping? The defining top edge surrounding the pool, spa, column, wall, planter, etc. Many products may be used for coping such as natural rock, precast, cap tile, marble and brick.

Interior Finishes

It has been many years since the true white "plaster" interior has been used in the industry but the term plaster has remained.  We have found that the "exposed aggregate" products have proven to stand the test of time as guaranteed offering unique colors and textures.  Links to these manufacturers are:

Tank Fill - Carbon filters are used to fill the pool/spa at start-up.  This is just another extra step always included in a Sunshine Pool, protecting that new interior finish from the very start.


Paver decks provide years of maintenance free service while allowing infinite combinations of material, color and pattern. Concrete decks can be covered by keystone, spray-deck or natural finishes that are all highly durable but susceptible to cracking. Decks may be raised creating various levels directly relating to the pool and spa walls. Many patterns may be created using these materials.


Equipment Options

You can trust that Sunshine Pools will always install the best equipment from the top manufacturers. We have found that a dollar spent well today can save you hundreds later. More information and manufacturer links may be found in Customer Support


Lighting - You may upgrade the standard white pool or spa light to a color changing L.E.D. light that will create a dramatic new look at night!


Jandy Aqualink - Our preferred computerized operating system. We have found the Jandy Aqualink to be a reliable workhorse as it provides ease of use controlling even the most complex pool's valves, lighting, equipment, water features and heating.


Filter - Water filtration is achieved by passing through a cartridge frame, sand or D.E. (diatomaceous earth).


Pump - Bigger is not better! Your talking hydraulics and sanitation here. Many new codes are in effect that dictate pump size and plumbing configurations.


Heater - A heater may be powered by natural or propane gas with an electronic ignition or may be powered by electric.


Heatpump - A heatpump is powered by electric and operates similarly to an air-conditioner.


Chiller - Yes, you can have it cold too! Beat the heat, this unit will cool down the water for summertime refreshment!


Combination Heatpump with Chiller - This combination heatpump will heat or cool your water to achieve your perfect temperature.


Salt Chlorine Generator - Automatic salt water chlorination systems convert salt into chlorine. Salt systems produce water that is comfortable and gentle on the eyes, skin and hair.


Pool Barriers: Access to the pool must be isolated from the home and from the adjacent properties, thus two barriers. You will choose from code compliant products such as Window and Door Alarms, Child Safety Fencing, Screen Enclsoure and traditional style property fencing.


Over the years we have helped thousands to better enjoy their pool and spa environments and you are just a short phone call away.

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